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Coaching Services

Image by Luke Pamer

Find yourself again. You only have 1 life - don't let another person dictate how you will spend it. Be the author of your own story. 

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

How can you live your life to the fullest? Following in the path that has been paved doesn't always satisfy your divine purpose. Start living today. 

Image by Jared Rice

Taking control of your own life often starts with how your treat your own body. Do you honor yourself with physical and emotional exercises? Let's get started! 

8-Week Coaching Course

In our virtual Coaching Sessions together, we will discover the keys to you becoming your best self. 

Our 8-week course includes:

30 minutes to begin a journey of healthy lifestyle choices, self-restoration, and redemption to yourself.  

  • Accountability ​

  • Listening ear 

  • Health for your mental and physical spirit

  • Stepping stones and Goal completions

  • Includes all support information and goal sheets.


*$40 per 30min. session

Weekly coaching sessions

Social Support

  • Lifetime access to the Redeeming Days website and information

  • Access to the private Redeeming Days Facebook group

  • Access to Instagram and Facebook communities for daily and weekly encouragement. 

*If you are wanting to work on several areas of life that require more coaching, additional sessions can be purchased and set up. Purchases and missed calls are non-refundable.

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