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Habits  Create Lifestyle

I can't say it enough!

Healthy Habits Change Lives. 

As a supportive mentor and wellness coach we will work on healthy habits to help you feel your best through your own unique health needs and goals. Experts say it takes 21 days to break a habit, I will be there to encourage and support you as you make the changes you need to be a healthier you! I believe people are not recipe cards and should work with everyone’s individual needs, specifically for you.

What if you drank 1 soda a day? Ask yourself: How much sugar am I ingesting in 1 soda? ... appx. 39grams- daily, 273 grams weekly, 14,235 grams every year ... just from 1 soda a day. What if you only drank soda 2 days a week? You could easily cut your liquid sugar intake from 14,235 to 4,056 grams.  It's all about choices!!!

Join in the journey of health, one step at at time. 

- Janell

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Health doesn't happen overnight. 

Let's identify your main habits and slowly evolve them into positive ones!

How do I start?

I can't say it enough! 

Healthy Habits Change Lives. 


Pick your weekly time

In our virtual Coaching Sessions together, we will discover the keys to you becoming your best self. 

Our 8-week course includes:

  • Weekly coaching sessions:

    • 30 minutes to begin a journey of healthy lifestyle choices, self-restoration, and redemption to yourself.  

      • Accountability ​

      • Listening ear 

      • Health for your mental and physical spirit

      • Stepping stones and Goal completions


*$40 per session

Start with changing 1 Habit 

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