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Meet Janell

Discovering who you are in the midst of life's seasons.

Finding yourself again means identifying what you would do with a free weekend if no one else's needs mattered.... What you would cook for dinner, or wear on a Tuesday evening if there wasn't another opinion shadowing your every decision.... and learning to be ok with being on your own and putting your own needs first. I had to work diligently at "finding me again", setting new life goals and restoring my physical, mental and emotional health. You can too. 

My passion is to help others, it fuels me to love others where they are at in life and help them become the very best of who they are - by rediscovering themselves and the life they want to live.

I'm a Registered Nurse, Bio-Energetic Practitioner and Certified Health Coach.  My background includes 19 years in a Hospital setting working just about every health care area possible, 17 years of owning my own Massage Practice and 3 years Heath Coaching a population of 80,000 members. I've also walked the similar journey you are on today after rediscovering my wants and needs from a 30-year marriage that didn't allow me to be my best self. 

My years of Hospital work, Massage Therapy, and Health Coaching has provided a great deal of experience working with all ages and walks of life. Empathy and a caring personality are not characteristics that can be taught, they are personality traits God gifted me with, and it's through my many years of supressment that I can understand where you are, just the way you are, and how we can recover your true self together. 

Are you ready to share in your joy and your struggles?

This is just one of the many steps on the way to redemption of your own self. Celebrate every success along the way, and learn to live our your Redeeming Days with the guidance of someone who has paved the way before you. 

Along side her work and life experiences her Faith has been an important aspect in her journey to where she is today! 

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*ALL sessions are confidential/private and will stay between the client and Janell.  All information shared by Janell will be educational in nature and never takes the place of a Dr. 

As with any new supplement or health source it should always be checked with your Dr. before starting or implementing.  I can not and do not prescribe, treat nor diagnose. 

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